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J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. This tune is better known as “Walk Tall” and originally performed by Cannonball Adderley’s quintet. It has a gospel-flavored R&B groove. Features include lead trumpet range to written F top line, and a written tenor sax solo that trades with the ensemble. Cool chart.

LEVEL: 1 (Easy)

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. This hip chart sports a straight ahead swing feel with a twist of cool added for good measure. A catchy (theory) is is postulated and plays out over two alternating chords, F9 and Eb9. Add one modal conceptual framework for the bridge, solos for tenor sax and trombone, a "way cool" ensemble chorus with a just a “smidge" of counterpoint, and the "theory" becomes reality. Trumpet plays to written a E, top space. Dig it!. It's all here! (3:15)

LEVEL: 1 (Easy)

This chart has a pretty high “hip factor”. Contents include an up-to-the-minute head, “with it” chord changes, and a bridge that is “like now, man”. Check out the ensemble section with tenor sax and piano comments. With so much content, the pressure is really on. (2:59)

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. “Dreamsville” is an outstanding ballad style arrangement of a beautiful Henry Mancini song. The 1st tenor sax has a few melody phrases and a brief written out solo, and the 1st trumpet range is to written D, fourth line. Nice harmonies throughout, easy rhythm section parts which combine to produce a superb ensemble sound. The chart will sound full with reduced instrumentation and optional parts are included as well.

Bones are “bad” and that’s good! Your trombone section will dig this hip chart written just for them. They’ll be stylin’ on a driving head in 3/4, a bridge with a swing feel, an ensemble section, and a trombone section soli. They’ll be lovin’ it so much, they might even let the tenor sax have a solo at measure 57. As always, lead trumpet to top F and lots of fun for everyone. 


"Jazzmin Tea" is a lilting 3/4 original that will introduce your band to the joy of a jazz waltz. A flowing melody with a bounce, easy brass ranges, written-out solos for alto 2 (cued for 1st) and 1st trumpet, plus the usual optional parts, are a few of the ingredients in your cup of jazz waltz tea.

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. This medium swing arrangement of the dreamy Ellington tune will cook at just about any tempo but the recommend tempo is 108 BPM. The chart features a written tenor sax solo and a lot of interplay between the brass and saxes. It’s even got a 4-bar stop-time section for a rhythmic contrast. The Duke would be pleased that you’re playing one of his songs on your next concert program.

Niobe is a fun bossa nova-style chart with a straight-eighth note feel for the young player. I've scored Niobe with a catchy yet easy melody with written solos for 1st tenor sax and 1st trombone. 1st trumpet range is to fourth space E (written). A very cool chart!

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. From the library of Nat Adderley comes another winner for first year players. This Vince Gassi arrangement puts it right in the pocket; an easy 12-bar blues with a swingin’ shout section. Written tenor solo included. Trumpet 1 top note is to written F, top line. Three words dude…hip and accessible!

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. An easy Latin chart for the young player with a terrific melody that sticks in your head, written out alto sax and trombone solos, 1st trumpet range to written F top line and a fun piano part. This one has a great Latin essence but is accessible. ALSO AVAILABLE FOR BRASS, WOODWIND, and SAX ENSEMBLES)

What is a “Pacific Attitude?" It’s cool, it’s refreshing, it’s a fun-to-play rock chart. This one is easy to play, quick to rehearse, and includes a written tenor sax solo, a nice ensemble interlude, a few strategically placed one-measure drum solos and a 1st trumpet range to written E, top space. The band will dig this chart and ask to play this one every rehearsal. A winner, for sure.

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. Here’s a drivin’ rock chart that’ll grab you with its infectious hook and way cool, blues-centric tune. Written solos are for alto sax and trumpet. Dig the hip bridge. Audiences and band alike will not be able to resist groovin’ to this chart.

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. All the key ingredients you would expect on this timeless swing tune and it’s accessible to rehearse and play. Features include the iconic drum pattern as it recurs throughout, easy brass ranges with trumpet 1 to written E top space, no horn solos but there is a written drum solo and a big shout chorus at the modulation brings it all home. Great tune—an essential chart to your jazz ensemble library.

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. This catchy samba features a 16-bar written-out tenor sax solo, trumpet 1 range to written F top line, and only two chords for the rhythm section. Easy to play, very effective, and everyone will dig it.

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. This chart swings all the way and is very playable by a young band. Arranger Vince Gassi captures the essence of this well-known Strayhorn composition made famous by Ellington, and scored it exactly right—not too difficult but with fun-to-play parts. It includes brief written solos for 1st alto sax and 1st trumpet and easy ranges with plenty of dynamics to teach. A superb chart you will play for years to come!

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. This title may earn a smile from the audience and the band. A subtle "tweet" harmony effect is in the chart, but it's not too obvious, so don't think this is a novelty chart. Instead, it's a rock-flavored, upbeat and fun vehicle for the band. A short tenor sax solo and trumpet solo are both written out, the lead trumpet range is to written F on the top line, plus it has optional parts for flute, F horn, baritone horn and tuba. Also playable with optional reduced instrumentation. Your band will enjoy Tweet!

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. The Christmas classic, We Three Kings, just got "swingified". It starts off in dorian mode and it keeps swingin' throughout. An alto sax solo followed by an ensemble shout section provides contrast to the catchy "Jazz Waltzification" of the head. Trumpet range is to fourth space E. But then again, all instrument ranges keep this cookin' chart easy to execute. Band and audience are sure to dig. (2:19)

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. This lyrical melody was scored with an easy rock groove for full ensemble. Features include a stop-time interlude, lead trumpet range to written F top line, clear and accurate rhythm section parts, and quality educational material for all winds throughout.